Start Your Business

The brains behind Big APPl Labs have been starting and building businesses since 2002, with hundreds of companies created in New Jersey, Florida, New York and California. Our company operates as an incubator devising ideas and scaling them to full fledged businesses, delivering products or services to doors around the globe.

While working with budding entrepreneurs on a daily basis, one thing became clear, the initial process of setting up a company, filing all the proper paperwork for Tax ID, forming an LLC, creating Confidentiality Agreements, partnership agreements, designing a website, setting up social media, creating a logo, building a blog and updating content regularly, proved overwhelming for most and hampered their progress before the company even got off the ground.

As a result, we decided to offer a budding entrepreneur package where we handled all of the initial set-up, filing, legal, web and social stuff for a super low flat fee. This enabled entrepreneurs to focus on their idea and build the company, rather than getting bogged down by all of the tedious details.

It has proven such a success in aiding the launch of our entrepreneurs businesses, that we decided to offer the package to any entrepreneur with an idea. Here’s what’s included:

Budding Entrepreneur Bundle:

– File for Business Tax ID

– File Certificate of Formation for LLC

– Secure Domain Name (1 .com)

– Logo Design (3 iterations)

– Website Hosting

– Basic Website Design (mobile optimized website works on mobile phones and tablets just as fluently as it does on desktop. Imperative because 40% of all traffic comes from mobile now and Google won’t even rank you in their page results if your website is not built for mobile viewing)

– Set-up Business page for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

– Create a basic blog with two stories to start

– Create a standard confidentiality and partnership agreement for you to populate.


Additional options:

Update your social media and blog daily (imperative for SEO, engaging followers, gaining and keeping customers). We will source pertinent stories and post and cover. $250/week

Build your very own webstore complete with full e-commerce functionality, shopping cart and credit card processing so you own your content rather than paying a squarespace or big commerce for their shopping cart and template that you don’t own. $750 + $40/month and 2.4% per swipe.

Additional legal documents, legal advice. Contact us for details.

Additional design, printing and production for business cards, marketing and promotions. Contact us for details.

Set-up and provide a customer service live chat, and phone number. Contact us for details.

Handle logistics and warehousing for e-commerce. Contact us for details.

Provide public relations, event and marketing solutions. Contact us for details.